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Welcome and thank you for visiting our golf site Ultimate Senior Golfer. We have designed this site specifically for the senior golfer (golfers that are 50+ years old). As you grow older a lot of changes take place in your physical being resulting in slower swing speed and shorter shots. Our site Ultimate Senior Golfer will attempt to address these issues and help you get the best out of your game. We will also be discussing the current trends in the game today and we will be calling on you to provide tips and comments to help others reach their true potential.

I am not nor have I ever been a professional golfer, I am just a senior who loves the game of golf just like you. At one time I could boast a handicap of 2 but with work, getting older, health issues, and gaining weight, as we all do when we age, my handicap has blown up to 22. Also, for the last few years I have gotten away from the game but it is now my intention to play regularly and practice in order to bring my handicap back down into the single digits. So follow me to see how I am doing.
One of the things we hope to accomplish in this site is to help you become a better and more consistent golfer. As we grow older our consistency in hitting a shot decreases. A great golf shot is often followed by a terrible golf shot which can be very frustrating. This combined with a lack of distance due to club head speed or a slice results in a lack of accuracy especially when using the woods and long irons.

If you fit into this scenario then this site Ultimate Senior Golfer just may be the answer for you. Maybe you just want to straighten out your slice, maybe you want to add distance to your drives and long irons, maybe you want to improve your short game or your putting. Whatever it is we will be providing the tips, tricks, and techniques in order to help you improve your game and lower your handicap.

If you have or know of tips that will help other golfers then we would like to hear from you by dropping us an email or leaving a comment. If it is deemed appropriate then we will publish it on our blog for everyone visiting our site to see.
We will be regularly updating our blog and providing golfing tips and from time to time providing offers to the senior golfer. If you are interested in receiving any or all of these items then you should sign up in the area provided on the right side of the page.
Thanks again for visiting our blog,

Gary Rogers
Ultimate Senior Golfer

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