Ultimate Senior Golfer

Hi and a big welcome to Ultimate Senior Golfer blog. My name is Gary  and as far back as I can remember, the love of golf has been in my life. Playing golf, watching golf, and now as I’m considered to be a senior golfer (a golfer over 50 years of age) I can talk about it as I’ve decided to create a blog about golf. This blog will be dedicated to the millions of senior golfers in the world and is called, “the Ultimate Senior Golfer blog (www.ultimateseniorgolfer.com)

My History

Going way back, and that’s a lot of years, golf has been part of my family even before I was born. My Grandfather was a champion golfer of the city I grew up in and I have the many golf trophies accumulated from his accomplishments. Among those trophies sits my Father’s trophy for his “Hole in One” along with my trophy for a “Hole in One” and many accumulated memories of our golf games together as he taught me golf etiquette as his father taught him. He didn’t have to convince me to take up the game, I was hooked. I am naturally a left handed golfer but when I took up the game I only had right handed clubs to use, so now I golf right handed but still hit a baseball left handed. Go figure!

My son as well followed in my footsteps and became a professional golfer. Unfortunately it didn’t put bread on the table and when he married decided to get a day job. We still play and he helps me with my swing when things start going awry. He also has a son who is taking up the game, so you might say, golfing is in our blood. That’s five generations so far!! My wife and daughters play golf but not with the same dedication and passion we boys have.

My best years in golf came when I was in University boasting a handicap of 2 and making the varsity team. Of course, over the years with family obligations one doesn’t get the opportunity to play as much as one would like and the handicap grew higher. Also, like a lot of seniors I gained a few pounds over the years and stopped playing awhile back due to heart problems. But I’m all fixed up now and I’ve come back with a vengeance. I am retired now and my ultimate goal is bringing my score down to be in the 70’s consistently.

I live in Canada and throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to play golf on many courses throughout Canada and the United States, the highlight was getting to play golf at Pebble Beach. I’ve attended several pro tournaments, the Canadian Open and the Pebble Beach Pro Am. It’s just amazing to see those pros hit the ball in person.

I would like to share with you all I’ve learned and been taught along the way and also any new products and areas of expertise that come my way. I am in touch with all aspects and new innovative equipment that is out there and where you can get it, anything to help your game. Also I’d like to share with you my thoughts on new equipment on my blog.

Golf is a journey and you never know what you can learn or who you’ll meet along the way. Over time I’ll be adding great information to my blog and I would like to hear from you and welcome your thoughts or opinions of this blog.


Ultimate Senior Golfer