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Golf Product Reviews

These honest golf reviews cut through all the marketing hype and let you know the truth about a golf product before you part with your hard earned cash.

Now, here is a clarification of the Opinion Rating that I give every golf review.

  • Not Recommended = A piece of crap that you should not waste your money on.
  • Recommended = A product that will give you some benefit but that benefit may not be worth the price you pay for the product.
  • Highly Recommended = A product that you will get tremendous benefit from if you use it and follow the instructions. Also with these products you’ll get back more benefits than the money you paid.

So I hope you enjoy these reviews. But please keep in mind, they’re my honest opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is a review of the Two Bar Rife Putter available at

When I first saw this putter advertised on the web I was intrigued. And initially what got me interested was the blurb about the roll grooves on the putter face.

You see this putter has small grooves on the putterface. And these grooves are designed to slightly press into the cover of the ball. This is meant to launch the ball slightly into the air with a slight forward rotation instead of backspin, skipping and skidding that other putters put on the ball.

Now the obvious benefit is that it will create a more consistent and accurate roll on the ball. After reading this I watched a video on their website that showed the Two Bar Rife Putter stroking a ball in comparison to other popular putters.

Here’s a picture of this robotic test:

From watching the video it was pretty clear that the Two Bar putter put a better roll on the ball than the other putters tested.

So all of this sounded and looked promising but I’ve seen a lot of stuff that has sounded and looked promising so I kept researching this putter. And I found out that this putter has cylinders at the back of the putter which you can replace with either heavier or lighter cylinders. So this means you can adjust the weight of the putter quickly and easily.

That sounded cool!

But I still wanted to find out more about this putter and next I came across a bit about the 4-point stability weighting.

Sound complicated?

On closer inspection it’s not. Because all it means is that the majority of the weight is positioned at the four furthest points of the putter. Here’s a picture that shows this.

This weighting apparently creates a high Moment of Inertia which is meant to increase the size of the sweetspot making this putter more forgiving.

So again, that all sounded good but I kept on researching this putter and I found out that you can also change the lie angle of the putter yourself!

You simply need to put this putter in a plastic device they give you with the putter and push on the putter to bend it. Here’s a picture of a golfer doing this:

Now that sounded real cool!

Plus they said it has a notch on the top of the putter which helps you to get into the same setup position putt after putt.

After finding out all of this I was convinced enough to pull out my credit card and get one of these putters for $199.75. But I was prepared to be disappointed because so many things in the golf world don’t live up to the hype.

When I received this putter I pulled everything out and watched the free DVD that comes with this product. It features Ian Baker-Finch and Jim McLean, but to be honest I didn’t think much of that.

Then I had a few putts with the putter and it felt really good. Just like they said it would e.g. “the ball feels softer coming off the face – and this is a “real feel” not the “fake feel” created by face insert putters.”

Then I took this putter out to the golf course to test it out and it performed very well.

  • It feels great.
  • It’s easy to line up.
  • It controls distance very well.
  • It’s very forgiving.
  • You can check that you’re setup pretty much the same putt after putt.
  • You can adjust the weight and lie of the putter quickly and easily.
  • Plus it comes with a free head cover.

All and all, this is a great putter and worth the money. And for once, a product lived up to it’s promises. I can’t believe it!

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended – but like any piece of equipment try one before you buy one.

This is a review of The 30-Second Golf Swing book available at

I bought this book some time ago and I started reading it but for some reason it never grabbed me, and in fact I didn’t think much of it. Then, just by chance I decided to read the entire book for this review. And this time I have a completely different perspective on this book.

This is a great book. It has many great ideas on how to improve your mental golf game. And the mental game is where you can learn to play to your potential. Because when you learn to control your thoughts, reactions, memories and images you’ll be able to play to your golfing potential consistently. Which is what we all want.

But if I had one criticism of this book it would be that there is almost too much great information in this book to absorb. Although that’s not really a criticism at all because it simply means you have to read this book more than once, which will do you no harm.

Now to get the most out of this book you have to read it and mark the things you need to work on.

Then go back after you’ve finished reading it and start working on one thing at a time. If you don’t do it like this you will not get much value from this book, because the information in it is useless without action.

You need to act on the information in this book to take your golf game to the next level. And that really is the difference between good golfers and great golfers….how they run their brain.

This book will give you a lot of tools to improve how you run your brain so you score lower. And if you really want to do that then get this book and do what I’ve said; i.e. read the book, mark what grabs you and then go back and implement the strategies once you’ve finished the book.

Only by doing that will you improve your golf game. Reading this book will not do it but reading it and then taking action will improve your game and make it easier. I’m certain of that.

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended