Senior Golf Exercises in 2 minutes

Senior Golf Exercises in 2 Minutes

My senior golf exercises are targeted, fast, simple, and take only about 2 minutes.

I really don’t enjoy “exercise” by itself, unless it occurs as a result of an activity that I do enjoy. As a golfer, I enjoy the exercise I get through that activity and certainly want to do anything that will enhance my golf game. But, when I look at the 45 to 60 minute exercise regimens proposed by all these “golf fitness gurus”, I know, it just isn’t going to happen.

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And besides, I can target ALL of the SPECIFIC MUSCLES I use in the GOLF SWING in just 2 minutes with my “I-Gotcha-Ready” swing weight



I find this exercise practice regimen particularly useful in the off-season when I’m not able to play because of the cold and snow. I can, however, swing a fairway wood or iron with the “I-Gotcha-Ready” swing weight attached, in my garage or basement regardless.

And, I don’t need to do it every day! Just 2 or 3 times a week is all I need!

Each arm performs distinctly different tasks during the swing, and each arm uses distinctly different muscles to complete their assignment.

I always try to make the exact same motion I use on the golf course, by swinging my elbow down first and then snap rotating my upper arm, elbow and forearm muscles through the impact zone. I’m also careful not to “cheat” by simply swinging the club and weight with my shoulders. (This would do little or nothing to help strengthen my golf muscles.)

I typically start out “easy” with the first few swings, but quickly increase my effort by trying to really increase the speed of my “snap” through impact. Typically, I wear myself out after 30 to 40 swings with each arm.

The total amount of exercise time spent is typically just 2 to 3 minutes.

If you stick with this, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger in just a couple of weeks. And, by spring when all your golf buddies are stiff, weak and sore, you’ll be LEADING THE WAY DOWN THE FAIRWAY and collecting all the bets in the club house.

Enjoy the off-season.
Robb Robbins

You can find the Igotcha Ready here.

Robb Robbins is the author of “300 Yards for Seniors” and is available at Amazon in paperback, kindle format or DVD..